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The Allison Garcia Band

Allison is a painter. The brushes move themselves, almost like in a dream. The paintings are created in an unconscious state, brushstroke by brushstroke. In the same way she writes songs. In the search of the truth, emotions and sensations. She tell us about her surroundings. The current situation. The theatre.

She canalises her dreams, her fears, her experiences throught the pencil. The results are explosions of pop, rocky spontaneous combustions with lyrics in spanish. The songs are writen when they think it is appropriate, not when one wants to. Allison paints the stems and the buds. Her loyal companions draw the petals. Jorge Valle on keyboards and bass guitar, Esteban Cabrera on guitars and Christian Flaschka on drums.

Together they express the stories that make up the repertoire of the band. Allison uses her personal experiences, a life rich in changes and events. The top. The abyss. Nobody can leave his demons behind. The Allison García band cover their stories with a sonic coat. Light in happy themes like spring and strong in autunmal lanscapes. The trip has just started.

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